Conseils d’achat Video Endoscopy

  1. Endoscopic Video Systems should provide a vast range of video signal formats as its output.
  2. Image quality is the most eminent factor when choosing surgical video endoscopy systems.
  3. Image quality of three CCD systems is usually better than one CCD systems. However, it is recommended that medical centers use each system on a trial basis and get the surgeons' input before purchasing.
  4. Another important factor in video endoscopy units is the system operation. For surgeons who prefer direct control to surgical video system functions, the more suitable video endoscopy systems are those allowing control of multiple functions from the camera head or other components, such as the front panel and keyboard.
  5. To fully use their benefit of higher picture resolutions, the three CCD systems should include RGB format.
  6. Video Endoscopy Systems with digital output are also available for purchase. These allow recording images or video onto recording media or an information system, or to display digital images on a surgical monitor.
  7. The types of the performed surgical procedures and the surgical caseload should be looked at when deciding on the quantity and type of the endoscopic video systems needed in a facility.
  8. All the controls on all endoscopic video system components should be easily identified and activated. The system should verify the activation and provide the level setting. The video endoscopy system should be easily operated, so capturing, storing, retrieving, and printing images are all clear and simple.
  9. It is recommended to maintain equipment standardization practices within a single medical facility. This may present discounts in multiple systems or volume purchase; it may also be possible to negotiate for equipment trade-in allowances.
  10. Facilities should look into the utility of integrating imaging and text features; some video endoscopy systems allow the simultaneous display of a live image and images taken previously in the examination.
  11. Some additional hardware may be needed for more image enhancement options. An example of this is the enhancement unit. Though it can be integrated with a camera controller, it does not typically increase the actual amount of detail in an image, but rather makes visualizing it less stressful to the eye.
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