Spécifications du fabricant - M501, Leica Microsystems

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STERILE COVERSDrape, knob caps
Twin scopes option (ATTACHMENTS)Yes
Coaxial scopes (ATTACHMENTS)Yes
X/y-coordinate arm (ATTACHMENTS)Yes
Video and camera adapter (ATTACHMENTS)Yes
USES (STAINING POSTS)Ophthalmology and other uses - for more information please see comments.Ophthalmology (posterior and anterior)
Intended location (ATTACHMENTS)OR, clinic
LIGHTINGFiberoptic - for details please see comments.
Filters, other (FLOOR STAND)UV barrier
ILLUMINATION SOURCEHalogen - for details please see comments.
Back-up (FLOOR STAND)Yes
Base diameter, cm(in) (FLOOR STAND)67 x 67 (26.3 x 26.3)
Vertical range, cm (in) (FLOOR STAND)60 (23.6)
Height, cm(in) (FLOOR STAND)185 (72.8)
Arm extension, cm (in) (FLOOR STAND)120 (47.2)
WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY)Approx182 (401.3)
Type (CONFIGURATION)180° variable angle, inclined low
Total range (MICROSCOPE)3.1x to 21x
Range, mm45
Interpupillary distance, mm (MICROSCOPE)52 to 76 Also 30°-150° variable angle.
Speed, mm/sec (MICROSCOPE)Adjustable
Focusing method (MICROSCOPE)Power
Number of steps (MICROSCOPE)Zoom - for details please see comments.Zoom (1:6)
CONTROLSPedal or handswitch
Eyepiece power (MICROSCOPE)10x, 12.5x
Focal length, mm (DIMENSIONS (HXWXD), MAIN)From 150 up to 500 - for more information please see comments.150, 175, 200, 225, 250
OTHER SPECIFICATIONS (AIR SUPPLY)Plug-and-work technology; jalousie reflex enhancer; X/Y unit; variety of accessories. Complies with ISO 9001.
CE MARK (MDD) (Interference compensation)Yes
MARKETING REGION (Interference compensation)Worldwide
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