Spécifications du fabricant - SonoScape A6V, Sonoscape

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Two probe connectors that are selectable via 
keyboard or hot swap
Net weight: Approx 6kg (without probe)
Built-in Linux system
Full digital beam former
High resolution 12" LCD adjustable position 
monitor with anti glare design with 
image on the full screen
The back-lit operator panel is ergonomically 
designed for comfortable & efficient ease of 
use even in dark room
Built-in storage & archive for doctor's later 
review, making the analysis easier
Clipboard functions for quick image 
capture or review
Cine Memory, Image memory, storage image
Measurable 8-steps TGC continuously 
adjustable 5 frequency selection for 
each probe, working frequency from 
2.0MHz to 12.0MHz (probe depending)
Chroma: 8 types
Tissue harmonic Imaging, B, B+B, B+M, M,4B 
Shortcuts Key
One button optimization integrated workstation
Document capability with USB storage, PDF report, 
AVI/JPEG, DICOM 3.0, etc.
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