Body Scanning Machine - LD Technology -  ES Teck Complex

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Statut: Disponible
Type d'Article: Système complet
Catégorie: Alternative Medicine
Appareil: Body Scanning Machine
Fabricant: LD Technology
Modèle: ES Teck Complex
Condition: Tel quel
Année de fabrication: 2016
Emplacement: Singapour
Disponibilité: Immédiatement
Quantité: 1 Disponible
Prix à l'unité: 5,000.00 USD
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Description de l'Article
The ES TECK COMPLEX is a combination of technologies built-in one system.
Using Spectrometry technology (Oximeter) and Bio Impedance technology, the system can record in only 2 minutes more than 30 physiological parameters and help doctors to understand the Homeostasis of their patients and therefore potential of adaptation to any diseases, treatment plans or life style changes.
Coming with a powerful statistical software of analysis, it is a very good tool for screening, monitoring and in the assistance of the therapeutic decision.
The system focuses on the main diseases that physicians face daily in their practices, like cardiovascular disorders, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Hepatitis and Prostate cancer.
Developed by a French doctor Dr.Maarek (MD), after more than 10 years of research and clinical trial, this patented technology has been already adopted by thousand of doctors all over the world.
The different modules of the ES TECK COMPLEX have been granted approval by most of the regulatory bodies, like FDA, CE, Health Canada, TGA…etc.
Computerized, the results immediately available can be transferred via Internet from any remote locations to doctors, laboratories or hospitals. Physicians then are able to advise if there are signs of emergency or treatment side effects.

· Non invasive test& portable
· Results available in 5 minutes
· Low cost
· Assistance to the therapeutic decision
· Follow ups
· Minimum maintenance
· 3D educational modeling for patients understanding

This system is not a diagnostic tool, however, Governments and medical associations all over the world, have been recognized that improving screening and early detection will significantly decrease patients cost in the future.
From the physiological parameters measured by the medical device, our ‘’Health care software solution’’ uses proprietary algorithms and provides screening of the main diseases with acceptable specificity and sensitivity.
By detecting early signs of diabetes, doctors will be able to push prevention and life style changes and act on their patients before is too late.
By improving the screening of prostate cancer and helping doctors in their decision of performing the biopsy, we also believe the system could decrease by 10% the unnecessary biopsy and save millions to the government.
With its monitoring options and the display of keys vital physiological indicators in one screen, doctors will be able to understand better the causes of hypertension and control better Hypertensive’s’ patients with their treatment. This will again reduce the cost of stroke or myocardial infarction events for this population.
Finally, this system should be used to routine check up and have a good impact on the life style of people.

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