Pompe à insuline - Medtronic -  MiniMed 530G

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Statut: Disponible
Type d'Article: Système complet
Catégorie: Soins à domicile
Appareil: Pompe à insuline
Fabricant: Medtronic
Modèle: MiniMed 530G
Condition: Tel quel
Emplacement: États-Unis, Utah
Disponibilité: Immédiatement
Quantité: 1 Disponible
Prix à l'unité: 1,600.00 USD
Commentaire: The insulin pump is used but in very good condition and it comes with supplies. This listing also includes continuous glucose monitor transmitter.
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Description de l'Article
I have a Medtronic Minimed 530G insulin pump in smoke (dark grey) that is used and has a couple of small scratches on the body of the pump, as well as a few small ones on the screen but it is in very good condition. I received it as a replacement while under warranty in January 2018. I have the original packaging and user manual. It comes with nine (9) quick-set infusion sets and ten (10) 3mL reservoirs, and a pump inserter. I also have a brand new belt clip for holding the pump, and an activity guard.

This listing is also for the MiniLink CGM transmitter. The transmitter comes with a charger that uses a AAA battery, a sensor inserter, and a user manual.

The Medtronic Minimed 530G insulin pump has a 300u capacity and allows for basal rate adjustments in 0.025u increments while the bolus wizard allows for active insulin to be tracked to help prevent overcorrecting. Up to three different 24-hour basal patterns can be programmed at a time. This item has firmware version 3.0d. The MiniLink CGM obtains readings every five minutes and is fully integrated with the Minimed 530G insulin pump. You can also set high and low blood sugar alerts to achieve tighter control.

I have used Medtronic insulin pumps for about twelve years and have always had a good experience. As a type 1 diabetic, pump therapy has made my life much better and I hope someone can use this pump to make their life better too!

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Pompe à insuline peut aussi être nommé: Pompe à insuline mobile | Pompe à insuline de patient | Pompe à perfusion d'insuline ambulatoire
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Emplacement: États-Unis, Utah
Langue(s) du vendeur: English
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